Little tricks for new looks!

Little tricks for new looks!

Hello there Pinelle!!! We got the idea for the look I’m going to show you today from a particular character in a film. But before I reveal who Claudia and I got our inspiration from, I’ll describe it to you, because the great thing is that in our opinion it is really up to date and suitable for everyday wear! 🙂

Well, I wore a simple pair of skinny jeans, and over it a shirt, in khaki green in this case, and then we took and transformed a warm scarf by Faliero Sarti into a gorgeous pullover/cardigan. You can do this with any wide scarf you have at home, just try it and see. It is an excellent trick, and all you have to do is fasten it with a belt and voila! We’ve often seen the same thing done in the H&M window displays, so we reckon it is an absolute must-copy! 😉

We opted for two belts, a wider one with a gold buckle, and a thinner one in the same colour. My brown sort of vintage-look boots rounded off this slightly warrior but very on trend outfit… ehehe! So have you guessed who Cla and I were thinking of?

We instantly thought we’d associate this look with Rey, namely the new entry in the latest and highly awaited chapter in the Star Wars saga, set to hit the cinemas: Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

The character is played by Daisy Ridley, a very young and talented actress personally selected by the director J. J. Abrams.
These days, my house is filled with images and trailers for this film, not to mention reruns of all the previous films again in the wait for this new chapter! 😀
What do you think of this outfit and its warrior-like inspiration?? I must say I love it, also because we women are really all warriors of some kind, right?


Scarf: Faliero Sarti
Shirt: Equipment
Jeans: Care Label
Boots: Fiorentini+Baker
Bag: Proenza Schouler
Belts: Vintage
Belts: Ralph Lauren


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