You can’t Stop Me

You can’t Stop Me

Good morning everyone, how are you?
Did you watch us last night? Oh, my goodness, it was really difficult to play along like that… I feel as if I’m the Queen of Lies ahahah and in any case, let me just say … this year the writers are really wicked!!! But let’s go straight to our looks and our tips for Friday, what do you think? 🙂 What are your plans for the weekend? Those of you who live in Milan have a long holiday weekend ahead or am I wrong?  I’m planning a great weekend with a mixture of work, friends and family, just so we don’t miss out on anything!

In today’s look I have decided to contrast the typical winter colours, so grey, black etc… with a mixture of colours and the star of the show is definitely red! From the multicoloured sneakers in different kinds of leather by Voile Blanche, comfortable for when you have to rush from one appointment to another, to the jumper by Equipment which is warm and obviously red!

The jacket is my inseparable fashion companion by Isabel Marant Étoile. I honestly wear it so much and it goes with everything: it is made with a fine grey tartan and, when worn with these trousers by Cycle turned up at the ankles, I would say it looks perfect. Don’t you think so?

The last splashes of colour are in my scarf by Faliero Sarti, in all-over tartan, to keep up with the theme of yesterday’s post and the maxi pochette with shoulder strap by Saddlers Union, with the brand’s characteristic leather panel that says “You can’t Stop Me”. Yes, I must say that this statement is me to a tee… because in everyday life I am definitely hyperactive and it’s really difficult to pin me down! eheheh

Big kiss to you all and have a great weekend from your Pinella!


Trousers: Cycle
Shoes: Voile Blanche
Top: Equipment
Necklace: Rossella Catapano
Jacket: Isabel Marant Étoile
Scarf: Faliero Sarti
Bag: Saddlers Union
Glasses: Spektre


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