Gli shop di Alessia

Gli shop di Alessia

Total black with a touch of light, Lola-style


Dear Pinelle and Pinelli, today I decided to show you a totally black outfit.

I’m always so colourful, I said to myself: “How will my Pinels manage???!!!”. You know me well enough by now to know I’m all about excess, so I’m either covered in a thousand different colours, or I go for a monochrome look, and as far as I’m concerned that should only ever mean black.

I’m at the seaside with my children for a few days before starting on “Extreme Makeover Home Edition” which will see me travelling all around Italy for quite a while, so I selected this incredibly comfortable jumpsuit by Raggianti for a very informal dinner with Mia and Tommy one evening. I paired it with a black top from American Apparel, since it’s a bit low-cut for my décolleté, and my darling little necklace that I call Lola (my second choice of name for Mia) as a finishing touch.

I have a thing for rosary beads, which is why I decided to produce jewellery that pays homage to them but is still stamped with lips and ballet pumps, La Pinella’s logo. It’s silver plated and I think the price is very reasonable when you consider the quality which the Mercantia brand always guarantees. If you want to get a better view of it click on the banner on the right and let me know what you think!

I’m working on some other little gems that aren’t too flashy, which can bring a touch of light without changing your outfit too much… I hope you all like them! 🙂


Jumpsuit: Raggianti
Black top: American Apparel
Flat shoes: Repetto
Bag: Marks&Angels


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  1. Saralovealessia

    Alessia I love your look….u’re fab and stylish…wow wow wow….are u comunig to the uk soon?! I’d like to follow you more often but it’s quite hard with my job and my life….love your look!!I’ll stay tuned!!! Love from london…..sara :-*

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