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Grande Fratello 13 Episode 7 Look


Ciao Pinelle!!!

Here’s what I wore during the seventh episode of GF13! I’m looking forward to finding out which look you liked the most at the end of the series!!! 😀 Now we’re more than halfway through, the weeks are really flying by and it’s all getting crazier and crazier!

Around 8:30 pm, after hair and make-up, I usually go into the studio for the technical tests, I say hi to everyone in the studio audience and we chat for a bit, we dance and sing and joke around a little, to give the production team time to do all their final tests before we go live!

Then right after that, the last thing I do is meet my Pinelle, who’ve come to see me backstage!!!!! Time is always tight, but I manage to stop for a few photos and chat with them for a little while! Who will I see next week??? If you can’t make it to Rome, send us your photos while you’re watching TV:  I want to see you all!!!!

Let’s move on to this evening’s look… On Monday evening we chose a pair of black leather Vince shorts, a cute little contrasting white vest by Stella McCartney, and a blazer by Bluemarine. Topping it all off, a Michael Kors belt and super shiny black shoes by Ruthie Davis.

What do you think? Hit or miss?

Much love to you all!

Shorts: Vince
Vest: Stella McCartney
Blazer: Blumarine
Shoes: Ruthie Davis
Ring: Maria Vittoria Paolillo

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