Gli shop di Alessia

Gli shop di Alessia

This summer’s trends n° 3: stripes!


And in this crazy summer, we couldn’t leave out stripes from our trends, could we?

They instantly evoke summer, are associated with sailors and therefore with the sea! I have worn them a lot, and not just on t-shirts or so called “standard” garments… This year they are absolutely everywhere, and so your pinellona has really gone to town and even tried them on shoes and on sunglassesAn absolute must-have!

As always, I’ve picked out lots of things for you today too, and as you have probably seen on IG, I couldn’t resist the allure of stripes even when I was on holiday! This photo was taken by Paolo; I am in France with my sister-in-law Micaela, who you all know by now as I always talk about her and her marvellous Saddlers Union bags, and I am wearing a red, white and blue stripy off-the-shoulder dress by Topshop! I am perfectly in step with the first and third trend of this summer! Do I pass? 😀
Here is everything I have picked out for you… what do you think? 
Hugs and kisses!!!


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