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Gli shop di Alessia

See-thru black


Pinelle!!! Are you ready for the longest night of the year?? 😀
Picked the right outfit for your celebrations or are you still undecided? Today I’m going to show you a very simple dress, but one that with the right accessories, maybe in gold or silver, or full of rhinestones and beads, can become the perfect, and highly intriguing, dress for New Years Eve!

I couldn’t but choose a peek-a-boo dress, since transparency has been the common thread for basically the whole year… well, for me anyway! eheheh
The dress is by Isabel Marant, lightweight and in black. So I created a black total look, but, as I said, with the right accessories, trust me it will make you perfect for New Year’s!
The dress is not short, but not so long either, so I could wear my gorgeous knee-high boots by Aquazzura. The clutch is by Guema Barnaba, while the coat I wore to go out is by Joseph.

Trust your Pinella… these transparencies will send your significant other, or the man you want to win over, into raptures…right there at the New Year’s Eve party!
So are you ready??? Your Pinellona wishes you the very best start to the year and sends you a big kiss, ready to ring in a 2016 together with all of you!

nero trasparente.01
nero trasparente.2
nero trasparente.19
nero trasparente.03
nero trasparente.11
nero trasparente.06
nero trasparente.09
nero trasparente.18
nero trasparente.05
nero trasparente.12
Dress: Isabel Marant
Coat: Joseph
Bag: Guema Barnaba
Boots: Aquazzura

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