Gli shop di Alessia

Gli shop di Alessia

31 december 2015…


Here we are… at the end of the year, Pinelle and Pinelli. Before ringing in the new one, I took a moment to remember and relive some of the emotions this fantastic 2015 has given me.
Today’s post is full of memories and photos of a full year spent with you on social networks, blogs and much more!

From my travels to Milan for Isola dei Famosi to Donatella Versace fashion shows. From the adventure with my friend Silvia Grilli and the #Team33 for Cash and Rocket, to special moments with Paolo, Tommy and my Snipulina. The holidays, the card games, the BB auditions and my weekly appointment with the viewers and the Pinelle who came to meet me in studio.

Photos, photos and more photos… some of them even became pictures to colour in my anti-stress album “La Pinella a colori” which came out right around my birthday! The event in Milan, the meet-up in Rome… the BB finale, my first wedding anniversary… and then suddenly it’s Christmas and there is a new surprise under the tree: Lapinella City, my new app which will be taking you to my favourite places and cities. London, Milan, Rome and New York, just waiting to be discovered together!

It has been an important year, full of new things, but also of constants and certainties, like friends and family, and of course you guys who follow me with so much love and affection.
Soon we’ll be celebrating the New Year… but first I want to wish you all a 2016 filled with love!!!



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