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Small earrings mania…


Orecchini piccoii

Dear Pinelle,

Today let’s talk about earrings. So pretty…. I love them ???

As you know, I adore the little ones and I like to combine them in different ways. Do you remember my ‘crazy little moment’ in London? When I got my ear pierced for the second and third time?

I love putting together more earrings, even in the upper part of the ear, they truly give a rock style.

Pinelle, we’ll have a lot of fun this summer experimenting with different shapes and colors and let’s give a rock and colored touch to our outfits. What you think, do you like small earrings? Better with a star, cross or a hearth?

Orecchini piccoiiOrecchini piccoiiOrecchini piccoiiOrecchini piccoii

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