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4 beach looks… What bikini are you?


Dear Pinelle,

Today I will show you 4 beach looks that I’ve chosen for you! Oh yes, because it’s bikini season! Colored, with patterns, different shapes and colors… when it comes to bikinis there are plenty of things you can choose.

The only certainty is that bikini remain a MUST HAVE of this summer! but us women, we know we are different from one another, and we often adapt our look to our mood… I thought about 4 different types of women and the related beachwear for this summer 2016.

Tropic bikini for a lively woman

The highlight is certainly the tube top bikini by H&M, super trendy with this colored floral pattern and perfect for a lively woman! At the beach, you must bring sunglasses..i chose an orange pair, like the patterns color. And the final touch…my beloved Dr. Scholl! But where are we going to put our smartphone? Even on the beach there’s the need for my Marks & Angels! Pochette Curacao Verde in cotone, cotton, ideal to quickly run to the bar and grab a soda!

still life - bikini


Bikini love for a romantic woman

Even on the beach I like to be romantic… for the second look, I chose the F**k bikini, a bit curled on both sides. The hearts of the top are sooo sweet! And on the beach, we also have to protect our skin! Since my skin in very light, I always gen sunburns.  This is why I take this supplement, that helps me reinforce my skin’s defenses… But always remember to put on some protective cream Pinelle!!

still life - bikini


Sexy bikini for a rock woman

For the third look I chose a laces bikini… because we want to be feminine and sexy also on the beach! This Operà bikini is truly chic… and the contrast with the lace makes the fabric look like silk! For a glamour touch I’ve chosen a pair of black glasses. Some music Pinelle? My rock soul ?comes out also during the holidays with a little portable speaker, funnier than the usual headphones!!

still life - bikini


Bikini for a funny woman

I was carried by the lively atmosphere that you can breathe on California beaches… a Crisberry bikini with neon rainbow colors, perfect for a happy mood! So frisky, like my espadrilles, the trendy Spanish straw shoes!! And since our hair suffer a lot while we are at the seaside, to tame fizzy hairs I use the cream or hairspray with pro-keratin!

still life - bikini


Bikini tropic
Bikini H&M
Sunglasses Redelè
Pochette: M&A
Clogs School

Bikini love
Bikini F***ck
Flip Flops Havaianas
Sunglasses Spektre
Supplement Inneov

Bikini sexy
Bikini Operà
Sunglasses Spektre
Speaker SecondaBase

Bikini color
Bikini Crisberry
Sunglasses Alsteca
Espadrilles Espadrillas Manebì
Hair Products Kerastase

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