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Gli shop di Alessia

Gipsy look… It’s still summer!


Dear Pinelle,

I’ve decided to start this week talking about gipsy style, that makes me get lost in the summer breeze!

Gipsy Look

I love gipsy style because it is lively and funny. I love wearing long skirts and comfy multicolor dresses made in chiffon… a triumph of patterns and colors! And elegant and extravagant look perfect or a wedding or for a party during a hot September day.

Gipsy Look

If you like the hippie gipsy style, go for a long dress, with just of colors or flower patterned that leaves your shoulders uncovered… do you remember my romantic green dress with palms?


For a sexy look, a short colorful dress and a pair of knee-high boots!


Then there are dresses that are embellished by embroideries and metallic decorations, that jingle every time you move! A pair of flat gladiator sandals, hoop earrings… here’s my casual gipsy look, perfect to enjoy a concert seated on the grass!

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  1. Katherine~FurnishMyWay

    I love this idea! These gypsy dresses are perfect for summer because you can dress them up or down depending on the event and still stay cool.

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