I say it all the time and I’ll say it again today: hurray for comfort!

As you know, at the moment I’m in the middle of filming “Extreme Makeover Home Edition” so, given the pretty hectic work pace, when I’m not on set I often can’t wait to just completely relax. That goes for what I wear too. Which is why today I want to show you a perfect summer look that I put together thanks to Privalia, Italy’s leading online shopping site for fashion and accessories which I told you about in this article, where I gave you shopping suggestion, and also here (when I wrote about how to find the best Mother’s Day present). The items I have picked are by Fracomina, an Italian brand (you know how much I just LOVE all things made in Italy!!!) which I really like because not only does it focus on the image of an independent woman with her own personal style, but it’s also super chic and eco-friendly. And, just as important, Fracomina prices keep all purses happy… what more could you want?! 🙂

This look is so easy to wear that I can even wear it when I’m working on “Extreme Makeover Home Edition”. Plus it’s got a fresh, vibrant feel and can be jazzed up with some accessories in the evening to give it an extra special touch. Speaking of special touches, have you noticed the detail on the outfit? Take a look at the waist and hip area on the pants and the gorgeous butterfly pendant on the vest top. Basically, these clothes will make you feel comfortable but they will also make you look ultra-stylish. Privalia also has loads of other key items to help you cope with the heat including cotton jeans, ultra-light tops, shorts and vests, all in a huge range of summer colours (strawberry, white, mint, etc.).

I hope you like this look and can’t wait to hear what you think about it! Love and kisses x



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    ciao Ale, i pantaloncini mi piacciono tantissimooooo…ma li trovo solo su privalia? di che marca sono?
    sei sempre bellissima e con un sacco di idee carinissime!! baciii

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    sai essere sempre e comunque meravigliosamente bella!!Complimenti ALE!!!!

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    sai essere sempre e comunque meravigliosamente bella!!!!!!Complimenti Ale!!!!

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