Ciao pinelle and pinelli!!!

I decided to dedicate this post to our four-legged friends, in particular, dogs! 🙂

Tommy and Mia are mad about Claudia’s dog, he’s a gorgeous boxer called Ben. You all pretty much know him because he’s our ‘four-legged model’ for the phone cover and t-shirts in the Le cose de La Pinella line.

But getting to the point… a while ago I heard about this gift box completely dedicated to dogs, a monthly service that in concept is really similar to our Sugarbox…Obviously there’s a difference…this gift box is intended for our four-legged friends! The service is called Dog Deliver, and every month they deliver you a package for ‘Our Loyal Companions’ full of really cute surprises such as snacks, games, perfumes, hygiene products, food supplements etc…

As soon as this box of goodies was delivered I called Claudia all excited, and we decided that it would be so nice to show you all some photos we took of Ben together one Sunday afternoon. Mia of course, came straight away to see what all the fuss was about! ehehehe

Inside we found some dog food, a zebra print bone (so fashionable!!) that makes a sound, eye and ear wipes, doggy shampoo, some chicken breast biscuits, a cuddly star… and a comfy top for the owners!

Ben had the time of his life, he played and he ate the chicken biscuits all so willingly 😀
It makes me so happy to feature such a perfect and useful service: 10% of the subscription price for the Dog Delivery service will be donated to less fortunate dogs than ours, that don’t have a home or someone to love them!
However, if you don’t have a dog but you know someone who can’t live without their four-legged friend… then there is also a gift option to surprise them with a gift they will surely appreciate!

If you would like more information or you would simply just like to order Dog Deliver; go to where you can also check out photos of the dogs that have already indulged in this amazing box of goodies 😉

I hope I have given you a cute idea different from the usual, maybe even a unique gift idea!!
Me, Claudia and (above all) Ben are well and truly satisfied… and obviously Mia too! She played with him all afternoon long!!!


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