Gli shop di Alessia

Gli shop di Alessia

Third must-have for the summer: shorts, shorts and more shorts!


Pinelle, here I am again, with the third must of my recent summers: shorts!
I wear them often and on different occasions, which you will certainly know if you have even somewhat followed my blog…;-) My faves are denim shorts, in all colours… but below I wanted to include also some different styles, still ultra-short of course… and bursting with colour!!! I wear them really a lot in summer, with high heels, for an evening out, and with low sandals, which I normally wear during the day, especially at the seaside!

This year, with Claudia, I created an outfit with denim shorts, to be worn even on prime time TV… 😀 You can see it below, a look I really like with an elegant jacket and high heels… I have worn both for BB as well as for a few photos for the Coca Cola Summer Festival.

I am sure that for many of you, shorts are essential in summer… which ones are you favourites?You can click on the photo and discover the look you like most! Hugs and kisses and enjoy the August bank holiday!!!Have as much fun as you can 😉


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